Dog waste stations: Beer cans, diapers are not welcome

Something’s afoul on Ridgefield’s historic Main Street. Residents are misusing the green trash receptacles — purchased and installed specifically for “dog waste” in 2017 — for the disposal of personal items, including beer cans and baby diapers. “Please, please, please do not put your trash in the dog waste stations on Main Street, along the Rail Trail, or on the … read more

Girl Scouts receive poop bag donation from BioPet Laboratories

Who needs 8,000 plastic bags? The dog poop troop. Girl Scouts Karina Rao, Sophia Daigle and Jax Mantione of Troop 50784 clean and restock pet waste stations they put along the rail trail last fall. Now they’ve gotten a donation of 8,000 waste bags from BioPet Laboratories. The Tennessee-based company learned from The Press’s website that the girls raised $900 … read more

In this week’s Ridgefield Press

Here’s a look at some of the headlines from this week’s Ridgefield Press: Lori Berisford will receive the Martin Luther King Jr. service award Monday at the Playhouse for her years of dedication to SPHERE and other local nonprofits. In addition to the MLK award, the town’s annual celebration will feature music and speeches. It runs from 3 to 4:30 … read more

Dog Waste Committee takes action in downtown Ridgefield

The days of unsightly and malodorous piles of dog droppings forming an obstacle course on Main Street’s sidewalks are coming to an end. At least that’s what members of a town committee against dog poop are hoping to achieve with a newly installed cleanup station at the north entrance of Ballard Park. It’s the first tool to be used in … read more

Town unveils first dog waste station outside Ballard Park

Ridgefield 1, dog poop 0. The town scored a big goal today when it unveiled the first of several dog waste stations at the corner of Gilbert Street and Main Street, next to Ballard Park. A seven-member town committee — including First Selectman Rudy Marconi — was formed with the sole purpose of resolving the smelly issue over the summer. … read more

Dog poop committee: One scoop at a time

In light of Ridgefield’s ongoing dog poop situation, a seven-member town committee — including First Selectman Rudy Marconi — has formed with the sole purpose of resolving the smelly issue. “People were getting very upset about people not having any kind of common decency, and leaving their piles of dog waste,” said committee member and Town Treasurer Molly McGeehin. The … read more

Letter: Responsibility, decency can solve dog poop crisis

To the Editor: I can’t believe it’s necessary for our town administrators to be addressing dog poop and bag-it kits. Whatever happened to personal responsibility and plain old decency? I think the situation was much worse years ago, as walking from my office on Catoonah to the town hall was like navigating a minefield. Regardless of the extent, it galls … read more

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