Barack Obama endorses Will Haskell for 26th district senate seat

Will Haskell

The race for state senate in Connecticut’s 26th district just went national with Democratic candidate Will Haskell winning the endorsement of former President Barack Obama. “Today, I’m proud to endorse even more Democratic candidates who aren’t just running against something, but for something — to expand opportunity for all of us and to restore dignity, honor, and compassion to public … read more

Greenwich’s John Blankley announces run for state treasurer

Democrat John Blankley, a top CFO and Connecticut business owner, and Greenwich resident for 35 years, announced today that he is running for Connecticut State Treasurer. After nearly a year speaking with residents across the State and raising funds for Connecticut’s Citizens’ Election Program, Blankley released the following statement:   “When my family came to America 35 years ago, as … read more

GOP Viewpoint: Looking ahead

My God! It certainly was an interesting election and depending on whether you are a Republican, Democrat or unaffiliated voter, you were either celebrating the results or crying in your beer. Congratulations to those candidates that won seats outright, however, all candidates deserve our thanks and appreciation for stepping forward and running. These people are all non-paid volunteers who wanted … read more

Letter: Boucher’s letter is standard GOP fare

To the Editor: It is good local politics for state Sen. Boucher to challenge Gov. Malloy’s suggestion that small towns “can bail out” larger cities in the state. She panders to the egos of her constituents by referencing the “smaller fiscally responsible towns” and stereotypes larger cities as “succumbing to decades of bad decision-making.” Finally, she accuses the governor of … read more

Letter: Small towns can’t bail out bankrupt cities

To the Editor: During his State of the State speech and at other recent appearances, Gov. Malloy has talked about the need to take actions to prevent Connecticut’s largest municipalities from entering into bankruptcy. While I agree that no one wants to see these cities take such drastic actions, I cannot agree with the administration’s approach saying that smaller communities … read more

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