Planning talk: How can town regulations get better?

A grab bag of tweeks, revisits, and more substantial changes — rethinking private clubs and other “special permit uses” in residential zones, protecting wetlands with “riparian buffers,” having setbacks apply to small sheds, a better definition of “clear-cutting,” and perhaps a new look of Route 7 business zoning — are on a to-be-considered list put together by the Planning and … read more

Charter Revision Commission hears some new, and old, ideas

Like bramble-strewn paths that may or may not lead to places worth visiting, four avenues for exploration have been laid out before the Charter Revision Commission. Speakers at the commission’s public hearing Monday, Jan. 8, suggested that town government might be improved by: Restricting people from running for more than one town office in the same election, so more offices … read more

Tree cutting nets $85,000 for the town

Tree cutting on town open space — a few years ago — has resulted in an $85,000 settlement that will benefit town conservation efforts. “Open space off Mamanasco Road, we had trees cut down,” First Selectman Rudy Marconi said. “We’ve reached a settlement, $85,000.” The Board of Selectmen discussed the matter briefly before voting to accept the settlement, which came … read more

Horse ordinance sent back for more work

Horses, the keeping of horses, that’s what the ordinance concerns. What about donkeys? Sheep? Llamas, bison, pigs? How about “all hooved animals” — would that cover it? Well, there’s poultry, too. “Do you know how many complaints I get about roosters?” First Selectman Rudy Marconi told the hearing crowd. Once rural and agricultural, Ridgefield is now a suburb of lots … read more

Selectmen: Horse ordinance needs more work

A proposed horse ordinance will need to be re-worked, possibly to include a wider range of animals, the selectmen concluded after a rambling two-hour public hearing Wednesday, Sept. 27. “We should go back, regroup, and redraft,” Selectwoman Maureen Kozlark said at the end of the hearing. “We’ll put something together and we’ll have another public hearing,” First Selectman Rudy Marconi … read more

Beef up wetlands enforcement? Commission considers ordinance

An ordinance proposal is in the works to allow the town wetlands agent to issue warnings and citations as an intermediate step before bringing suspected violators to a formal show-cause hearing before the Inland Wetlands Board. “Another tool in the toolbelt,” said Wetlands agent Beth Peyser. “I think it’s a great idea,” said Inland Wetlands board member Tim Dunphy. “…This … read more

Slither, hiss, slide: Snakes show off at Rec Center

[wide][/wide] About 20 clear compartments — each containing a friendly snake — lined the table as people walked into the rec center Thursday, April 27, for the annual Ridgefield Conservation Commission meeting. The snakes, ranging from a boa constrictor to pythons and albino variations of different families, were on display for the audience to see — and even hold.   … read more

Climate change table displayed April 29

On Saturday, April 29, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., several concerned Ridgefielders will have a small display table at the corner of Bailey Avenue and Main Street with information about local and national resources for understanding climate change and environmental issues at the local and state levels. Planned with the collaboration of Ridgefield Action Committee for the Environment — … read more

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