Conservation Commission member, alternate change their spots

A switcheroo by two Conservation Commission members won the approval of Board of Selectmen. Conservation Commission member Kitsey Snow and commission alternate Daniel Levine agreed to switch roles — she became an alternate, and he took over as a full-time commission member. The change was prompted by the Snow’s desire to reduce — but not end — her work for … read more

Abandoning Skytop Road section goes to public hearing next week

It’s not the Skytop Road people drive cars on, but an undeveloped, unpaved pathway — a roadway that legally exists on paper and extends into the woods — that town officials want voters to disown. The proposal to abandon an unbuilt portion of Skytop Road is scheduled for a public hearing next Wednesday, Oct. 10, as part of a Board … read more

Abandoning Skytop Road: Plans headed to town voters

Voters will be asked to legally abandon the undeveloped portion of Skytop Road as a town highway. The selectmen voted on Sept. 5 to send the road abandonment proposal — which was initiated by the Conservation Commission — to an Oct. 10 public hearing and an Oct. 24 town meeting. “This is to eliminate the road completely?” asked Selectman Bob … read more

Editorial: On to the voters

With months of research and discussion behind it, the Charter Revision Commission has decided not to back away from its recommendation that the Inland Wetlands Board be separated from the Planning and Zoning Commission. The Board of Selectmen should accept that decision and allow the proposed charter change to go to voters in November. As the charter process works, the … read more

Sale of Ledges house site to boost open space fund goes to voters

Townspeople will be asked to approve the sale of three acres of Conservation Commission land Wednesday, May 9, at a town meeting at 7:30 in town hall. The land proposed for sale would be subdivided as a potential building lot from 28 acres the Conservation Commission acquired in 2012. The large tract was purchased as open space for $825,000 but … read more

Wetlands board adds to waterway buffers

The Inland Wetlands Board added a definition for vegetation barriers to the town inland wetlands and watercourses regulations at its Tuesday, April 17, meeting. The approval adds the definition for riparian buffer zones — a “vegetated transitional area located between a natural stream/river or any lake/pond and land, which aids in protecting the watercourse/waterbody from the adjacent land use, thereby … read more

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