Anti-fracking law: Petitioners seek town meeting

Petitioners are collecting signatures to call a town meeting to consider adoption of an anti-fracking ordinance — one that would not only prohibit oil and gas fracking in town, but restrict the use of by-products from the process. “The ‘fracking waste’ petition has been met with huge support from people and businesses around town,” petition organizer Michael Gargiulo told The … read more

Anti-fracking ordinance: Petitioners seek town meeting

Petitioners are seeking a town meeting on a proposed anti-fracking ordinance. The wording of a petition for a town meeting to vote on an “ordinance prohibiting the storage, disposal or use of waste oil, and gas exploration or extraction activities or any derivative” has been reviewed and approved by Town Attorney Dave Grogins. “I hereby determine that the matters covered … read more

Fracking ban sparks debate, consensus eludes selectmen

Fracking — the hydraulic fracturing process used to help get hard-to-reach oil and gas out of the ground — and proposals aimed against fracking, and reuse of its wastes and byproducts, seem to have Ridgefield’s Board of Selectmen stymied. At their first meeting in September, the selectmen again delayed action on a proposed ban on use, storage, disposal or transportation … read more

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