Drive: Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid impresses

Is Subaru’s latest entry in the hybrid segment, based on the 2019 Crosstrek compact hatchback, more desirable than the conventional Crosstrek? With gasoline prices creeping above $3 a gallon, it just might be. For drivers with relatively short commutes and occasional treacherous weather, the all-wheel-drive Crosstrek Hybrid’s assets make it the Crosstrek of choice. To begin with the math questions, … read more

Test Drive: 2018 Elantra is surprisingly spacious

Visiting the rental-car world recently, we learned what “basic” means in today’s parlance. “Basic” used to mean a heater, three-on-the-tree transmission, manual brakes and steering, maybe an AM radio. Of course, our rental car was a Hyundai Elantra, so “basic” included several features that were luxuries not so very long ago. Our gray Elantra SE, fresh off the lot with … read more

Test Drive: The 2018 Camry impresses post redesign

Are automakers still building midsize sedans? Are they still trying to squeeze every possible mile out of a thimbleful of gasoline? Are the cars roomy and comfortable, with superior road manners? The answer is yes, at least if the automaker you’re talking about is Toyota. We test-drove a Toyota Camry hybrid sedan just two years ago, and scored another one … read more

Test Drive: Redesigned 2019 Cherokee is a success

Our family has owned or leased no fewer than five Jeeps, including a Renegade, a Patriot, an older Cherokee and a pair of Wranglers. So we have acquired some affection for the brand. Only one, the now-discontinued Patriot, was a bit of a disappointment in terms of driveability, durability and reliability. Given our generally positive experiences with Jeeps, we had … read more

Test Drive: Mazda’s new CX-9 is spacious

Mazda’s CX-9 is one of the softer-selling midsize sport-utility vehicles in its market segment. This is something of a mystery because it has so much going for it. “At $45,215, our CX-9 carried a premium price tag, but it’s also premium goods,” we said of the 2016 CX-9 — the first model year for the current design. The same is … read more

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