Projected surplus rises to $2 million

Town officials are now projecting a surplus of about $2 million for the 2016-17 fiscal year, up from earlier expectations of a surplus in the vicinity of $1.5 million. “Expected surplus of $1.5 million used in our April calculations actually came in over $2 million. Wow!” Finance Board Chairman Dave Ulmer said in an email to Controller Kevin Redmond shortly … read more

In this week's Ridgefield Press

Here’s a look at some of the headlines in this week’s Ridgefield Press: First-floor retail incentives drew a mixed reaction from the Board of Finance last week. The board was happy to hear about a higher surplus than originally projected. Elsewhere in town, the cops arrested a Ridgefield resident who reportedly damaged the Westmoreland pool area over the weekend. Looking … read more

Looking Back: What can you buy with $5,000?

Similar to this week’s edition of The Press, the Sept. 3, 1992 paper was the first of the new school year. Farmingville kindergarten teacher Suzanne Robertson was pictured on the front page showing student Lauren Buckley at her “cubby” on the first day of school. Two separate school-themed stories ran on the front page — “Schools Open,” a feature about … read more

Election 2017: Democrats, Republicans nominate slates

Slates of 18 Republicans and 18 Democrats — endorsed by party caucuses that set up contests for Board of Finance, Board of Education, Planning and Zoning Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals, Police Commission, and Board of Assessment Appeals — will face off in the November election. Democrats caucused Monday night, July 24, in town hall. “The Democratic slate balances proven … read more

Ridgefield Democrats nominate candidates with 'new blood, professional expertise'

Ridgefield Democrats caucused Monday, July 24, nominating a slate of candidates to run for local office in November. According to Democratic leadership, the slate balances proven incumbents and new blood, professional expertise, local business acumen and community roots, to ensure Ridgefield’s local government operates efficiently, effectively, and in the best interests of all Ridgefield residents. For Board of Finance (BOF), Democrats … read more

Republican Town Committee endorses 18 candidates

The Republican Town Committee unanimously endorsed a slate of 18 candidates at their caucus on Thursday, July 20. The candidates may now begin to campaign for election in November and some of the candidates will be available to meet and greet Ridgefielders at Saturday’s SummerFest. Former Norwalk Mayor Richard “Dick” Moccia who serves on the Ridgefield Parking Authority and the Ridgefield Republican Town … read more

Closing the books: $1.6 million surplus is likely

With strong tax revenue collections and spending under control, a surplus in the range of $1.6 million is anticipated by town financial officials at the close of the $125-million 2016-17 fiscal year. The fiscal year ended June 30, but Controller Kevin Redmond said it will be a couple of months before all the accounts are closed out. “We won’t finalize … read more

Ridgefield Republicans to caucus July 20

The Ridgefield Republican Town Committee will begin interviewing candidates for endorsement at the Republican caucus to be held Thursday, July 20. These candidates will run in the upcoming municipal elections being held Tuesday, Nov. 7.   Openings are available on the following: Board of Finance, Board of Education, Board of Assessment Appeals, Planning & Zoning Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals, … read more

Letter: BOE fuzzy math

To the Editor: School Superintendent Baldwin and Board of Education Chairperson Fran Walton need a refresher course in math. Their budget disguised the true increase to the town of their administrator-laden spending by double-counting a revenue that is not part of the BOE budget. And they insisted on doing this not once, but twice, despite repeated admonitions from the Board … read more

Procedure and protest dominate Annual Town Meeting debate

Motion, amendment, reduce the school budget — out of order. Question, point of order, challenge the chair’s ruling. Spending skeptics gave local democracy a workout at Monday night’s Annual Town Meeting, but came away with no budget reductions. Despite questions, procedural challenges and speeches, the meeting sent uncut versions of the town, school, and road maintenance budgets to the Tuesday, … read more

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