Letter: Education board accounting is misleading

To the Editor: In response to what I heard while attending last Monday’s BOE meeting and the article I read in this weeks Ridgefield Press. I was shocked by the BOE Chair’s statement that the BOF’s cut was over a $1 million due to removal of the $120K preschool revenues that BOE had inappropriately included in their budget. For those … read more

School cuts exceed $1 million

Facing over $1 million in cuts needed to bring balance to their budget, school board members nibbled and nicked at accounts ranging from energy to special education, but balked at cutting money for textbooks and asked for a plan to show how cuts to the hours of security guards at the elementary schools could be safely accommodated. Still, they got … read more

Town operating budget: Board of Finance cuts $60,000

Some town departments are not getting as much funding as they originally thought in 2017-18. The Board of Selectmen has made $5,000 cuts to the library, highway, fire, police, and finance departments, and has cut $10,000 from parks and recreation and $25,000 from legal expenses — money paid to the town’s attorneys. The selectmen looked for the $60,000 worth of … read more

Schools’ head count attracts budget axe

Before axing $884,000 out of the school budget — the largest school cut in years — the Board of Finance looked closely at the “head count” of school employees. “From a financial point of view, head count is the whole ball game,” finance board member Marty Heiser told a delegation of school board members and top administrators during their back-and-forth … read more

Finance board gets tax rate under 2% in proposed budget

Squeezing down spending increases by close to $1 million and pushing up projected revenues, the finance board put together a $141.5-million town and school budget that would mean a 1.92% tax increase next year. “We’re trying to do our job for the taxpayers,” chairman Dave Ulmer said Tuesday night, as the finance board finished up a week and a half … read more

Sander accident: Town employee recovering from serious injury

A town worker is in the hospital recovering from serious injuries sustained as the result of accident at the Highway Department on Monday, April 3. “He’s stable,” First Selectman Rudy Marconi said late Tuesday morning. “The individual is stable and resting, and had few minor procedures — work that needs to be done. But it’s going to be a long … read more

Fuel depot must be replaced in next few weeks

  Red-tagged! And it could cost taxpayers $400,000. The fuel depot that provides both gasoline and diesel fuel for all manner of town vehicles — plow trucks, police cars, fire trucks, school buses — has been given just weeks of continued operation by the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. “They’ve red-tagged our fuel system, which means it’s shut … read more

Editorial: Budget cramps

Numbers — some followed by percentage signs, others prefixed by dollar signs — are all the rave this week. Yep, it’s budget season. The school board played its part late last month, and the selectmen followed suit after a three-day jam session two weeks ago. The only thing left for both boards to do is stand on the sidelines as … read more

Tax hike of 4%? Town budget gets a hearing

Amid a volatile fiscal climate of threatened state cuts, a $142-million town and school budget that could push taxes up more than 4% — but increases spending 2.5% — will go before a public hearing Monday, March 27, at 7:30 p.m. at East Ridge Middle School. The proposed 2017-18 budget would mean a 4.3% tax increase — no spending cuts, … read more

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