Ridgefield heads back to school Thursday

Climbing ropes and Chromebooks, fish murals and a sea of new faces — these are just some of the new things students will see when they return to school next week. With summer coming to a close, Ridgefield heads back to school Thursday, Aug. 30 — the first day for kindergarteners through high school freshmen. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors at … read more

Enrollment: More students than projected on first day of school

While enrollment numbers continue to decrease throughout the public school district, the first day of classes brought some welcome news: the number of students in Ridgefield hallways to start the year was four more than projected. “We have lost 167 students,” said Fran Walton, chairwoman of the Board of Education. “When people hear that we’ve gained students — what that … read more

Back to school: Class is in session tomorrow!

Sharpen the pencils and dump out last year’s algebra homework from the bottom of backpacks — Ridgefield students are headed back to school next week. Kindergarteners, elementary and middle schoolers, and high school freshmen will start their year Thursday, Aug. 31. Sophomores, juniors and seniors will join them the following day — Friday, Sept. 1 — before heading into the … read more

Prevention Plus: Stress less when school starts

With summer quickly fading and school on the horizon, many kids and families begin to experience stress and anxiety. Here are some tips to make the transition easier, for children, teens and parents. Have a “growth” mindset.  By its very nature, “newness” brings change and, therefore, stress. For parents, there are new schedules, activities, and expenses to manage. For kids, … read more

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