Bridgeport author chats about Salvaged Minds

D.R. Bentley migrated to the United States in the early 1990s. Now calling the Bridgeport area home, the author passes the time writing and gardening. Her recent book, Salvaged Minds, tells the tale of five friends whose journey begins in Italy loading and unloading ship cargo. Four are swayed by the abundance and riches they hear America offers and set … read more

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Fischetti’s book tells story of friendship, transformation

Alex Fischetti is the richest man in town. When interviewing Fischetti, a cinephile with an encyclopedic knowledge of film history, it’s hard not to recall the image of James Stewart’s George Bailey — a man whose close-knit friendships around the small, fictional town of Bedford Falls are his true wealth.   But life hasn’t always been that wonderful for the … read more

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