Accessibility commission chairman: Assessment is making slow progress

“There’s probably not a day goes by that I don’t talk to someone about accessibility,” First Selectman Rudy Marconi said. “This is a civil rights law,” Don Ciota said of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Ciota gave the Board of Selectmen a report on the town’s slow and steady progress toward a town-wide accessibility assessment, which consultants from the Institute … read more

Accessible stores spur ECDC discussion

The town has shown progress on making municipal buildings more accessible to people with disabilities. Now the attention is turning to private businesses. “The thought was, what about the retail spaces?” said Karen Sulzinsky of the Economic and Community Development Commission (ECDC). “If there was a thought to have a project, have an initiative … to find a way to … read more

Access for all: A study, and a list

Door handles, drinking fountains, toilets, signs, steps and stairs, narrow doorways, high countertops, pathways to be paved — the Institute for Human Centered Design is finding lots of work to do, studying town accessibility problems. The study, started last summer, doesn’t have a completion date in sight. But work to address problems it’s finding has begun. “We’re not waiting for … read more

Compassion, construction, and re-election: Marconi looks ahead to 2019

A new parking lot for the commercial district, renovations at the Venus Building to accommodate Playhouse expansion plans, progress on the state’s Main Street renovations, handicapped access improvements, extending sidewalks — the town has plans and projects aplenty to pursue. But First Selectman Rudy Marconi has another goal for 2019, one requiring no bricks or bulldozers: He wants a more … read more

Branchville Troop 50669: Dina’s friends advocate for access

Trying to make the world better, fairer, more inclusive, a troop of Girl Scouts is working on the issue of access to shops and restaurants in Ridgefield for people with disabilities. The fifth grade girls of Branchville School’s Troop 50669 visited a recent Commission for the Disabled meeting, and are writing to commercial landlords in the village to lobby for … read more

Road work, paving, drainage includes ADA projects

Summer’s here and the time is right for working in the street — and this year the town’s paving plans include some handicapped accessibility projects. The Highway Department’s summer road work is underway, with voters in the May budget referendum having approved $1,840,000 for “roads, drainage and ADA infrastructure” as part of the $142 million in town and school spending … read more

ADA study: Selectmen want 94 properties reviewed

A study of town compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act is intended to be comprehensive — town officials have compiled a list of 94 town and school properties to be considered, ranging from town hall and Ridgefield High School to the Cass Gilbert fountain and Ballard Park bandstand, the dog park and the sewage treatment plant. “I don’t want … read more

Handicapped access concerns the town

Parking in a handicapped spot without a proper permit displayed can lead to a hefty fine. —Press photo

Handicapped access problems — wheelchair ramps, elevators, bathrooms, door widths — haven’t been ignored by Ridgefield, but they haven’t been dealt with systematically and comprehensively. And the Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA, has been on the books since July 1990. It’s 2017 — time, town officials admit, to get going. “I think everyone understands the logic behind this,” said … read more

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