RVNA Today: Teens at elite high schools appear to have a higher risk for addiction

New research recently published by Arizona State University suggests that teens at elite high schools appear to face a higher risk of addiction as young adults.   The study included more 500 students from affluent communities in the northeast who were assessed annually from senior year of high school to late-twenties, which showed that these young adults had substantial elevations … read more

Prevention Plus: What is ‘vaping’?

What is “vaping” and why are so many Ridgefield teens doing it? Electronic cigarettes, or vaping, is now the most used form of tobacco among youth in the United States. E-cigarettes are popular because they are easily available, easily concealable, and many adults are unfamiliar with them. This leads to a surprisingly high rate of use in places where adults … read more

Prevention Plus: Marijuana and alcohol speaker

The Ridgefield Prevention Council and Ridgefield Library sponsored a parent education program in May: Marijuana & Alcohol: Just the Facts without the Fiction, with speaker Alicia Farrell, PhD, cognitive psychologist and national keynote speaker. These two substances are commonly abused by adolescents, and Dr. Farrell spoke about the risks of use, and the challenges facing parents Today, with medical marijuana … read more

'Straight Talk' Thursday: Communicating with your teen

The “Rollercoasters and Ferris Wheels – Communicating with Your Teen,” episode airs Thursday, June 8 at noon. Host Tracey Masella and child psychologist Dr. Aaron Krasner discuss developing a family frame of rules and expectations, setting limits, how much is too much negotiation and how to teach your child to be independent.

See photos and video: 'For Michael' — Saturday's event led the fight against addiction

  The “For Michael” fundraising event had fairly humble beginnings. The friends and family of Michael Taylor, who lost a fight with addiction last year, sought to hold an event that would both honor the memory of Michael and raise money and awareness to help others struggling with addiction. From there, the idea grew into a summer kick off event. … read more

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