Schwartz joins ACT of Connecticut

Ridgefield resident and Broadway legend Stephen Schwartz is joining ACT of Connecticut as an artistic advisor. ACT — A Contemporary Theatre — said it will dedicate one show in each of its first five seasons to the Grammy-award-winning playwright. The company received approval from town voters last month to renovate and take over the former Schlumberger auditorium. Schwartz, who will has … read more

Voters approve Schlumberger leases

The Board of Selectmen — tasked with selling the Schlumberger property the town bought back in December 2011 — breathed a sigh of relief Wednesday night when voters approved a pair of $1-a-year leases that the selectmen have worked on over the last several months. Under the proposed leases, which more than 130 residents unanimously voted to approve, the Philip Johnson Building will be … read more

Commission for the Disabled on Schlumberger leases: Town has access responsibilities

Parking in a handicapped spot without a proper permit displayed can lead to a hefty fine. —Press photo

Don Ciota, chairman of the Commission for the Disabled, sent a letter to First Selectman Rudy Marconi Wednesday, Feb. 22, outlining the town’s responsibility under the Americans with Disabilities Act when leasing town property. The town is preparing to lease two buildings part of the former Schlumberger property to ACT of Connecticut and BassamFellows. In the letter, Ciota said that … read more

Voters will judge two Schlumberger leases Wednesday

Long-term, $1-a-year leases that would have tenants finance an estimated $1 million in renovations to two former Schlumberger buildings will come before voters for approval next week. A Town Meeting Wednesday, Feb. 22, at 7:30 in town hall will consider the two leases, which were negotiated and are being proposed by the Board of Selectmen. The Philip Johnson Building — … read more

Letter: Proposed leases represent great opportunity for the town

To the Editor: I encourage Ridgefield voters to attend the Town Meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 22 (7:30 p.m.) to vote “yes” on the two proposed leases to BassamFellows and ACT of CT. Leasing the Philip Johnson building to BassamFellows represents a unique and extraordinary opportunity to save this important building — Philip Johnson’s first commercial project in his long and … read more

Schlumberger committee likes lease plan

The Schlumberger site

A case for the long-term leasing of two former Schlumberger buildings as proposed by the selectmen — for $1 a year early on, with the tenants taking on renovation costs — is made in a question-and-answer format release from the former Schlumberger Study Committee. The document, available in full on The Press’s website,, explains the logic of leasing rather … read more

Leases for two Schlumberger buildings head for public hearings, town meeting

A new Ridgefield-based theater group and a New Canaan design firm have worked out proposed $1-a-year leases with the town for two of the three remaining Schlumberger property buildings. The Board of Selectmen approved the lease agreements last week and scheduled public hearings on Wednesday, Feb. 8, and a town meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 22, both at 7:30 p.m. in … read more

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