Editorial: Cars and condos

Should the town embrace the potential for denser development offered to builders by the state’s affordable housing law — trying to guide it to better serve town needs — or wage a determined resistance, battling on through a series of retreats as one site after another fills up with houses, condos, and apartments? The question underlies the selectmen’s discussion in … read more

Letter: Reaction to planned development near rec center

To the Editor: Mr. Handshy has expressed interest in the public’s opinion of his planned development along Danbury Road adjacent to the Recreation Center and Founders Hall. I live right across the street from his grandiose proposal and am categorically opposed to it. The traffic and population density in this section of Danbury Road is already too heavy. Exiting and … read more

Letter: Expansion of sewer district for ‘senior park’ should be denied

To the Editor: In response to developer Marty Handshy’s proposal to expand the sewer district for a “senior park” on Danbury Road (“Condos, sewer expansion sought” Jan. 3 Press), my answer is an emphatic “No.” I oppose any expansion of the sewer district boundaries other than to address health issues created by existing homes with failing septic systems. I’ve lived … read more

233 Danbury Road: More condos, sewer expansion sought

Should Ridgefield expand the boundaries of the downtown sewer district to accommodate a “senior park” envisioned on Danbury Road near the rec center? Developers Marty Handshy and Jay Metcalfe of Charter Group Partners asked the Board of Selectmen that question at a Dec. 19 special meeting. The goal would be to hook Charter Group’s 30-unit building at 233 Danbury Road … read more

Age-restricted units approved for 233 Danbury Road

A 30-unit, age-restricted 55-and-older condominium project has been approved for a three-acre site at 233 Danbury Road, north of the Recreation Center driveway and across from the Fox Hill condominiums. The project won final approvals Nov. 7 on 6-0 votes from both the Planning and Zoning Commission and the Inland Wetlands Board — still combined, despite voters recent approval of … read more

Zoning commission to review Danbury Road condo plan Tuesday night

The Planning and Zoning Commission will deliberate an application for a 30-unit condominium building at 233 Danbury Road Tuesday night. The 55-and-older condominium building — and the state affordable housing law that would allow it to be built by skirting local zoning regulation — drew opposition at the second public hearing session earlier this month.  The commission closed the hearing, but took … read more

30-unit senior condo plan draws heated opposition

Fired-up speakers savaged plans for a 30-unit 55-and-older condominium building — and the state affordable housing law that would allow it to be built without meeting zoning rules — at the second public hearing session on plans for 233 Danbury Road. “How this will destroy area homes doesn’t seem to matter!” said Robin Caruso of Conley Court. “…This is about … read more

233 Danbury Road: Hearing for affordable housing proposal continues tonight

A proposed three-story building with 30 age-restricted housing units at 233 Danbury Road — a lot near the rec center — is headed back to public hearing Tuesday, Oct. 9. The plan was submitted by Ridgefielder Marty Handshy under 8-30g, the state’s affordable-housing law that incentivizes builders to include price-restricted housing in their developments. In exchange, the law allows builders … read more

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