School board to fill empty two-year seat tonight

Note: an earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that if the Board of Education is unable to elect a replacement for the vacant school board seat within 30 days, the first selectman will choose the candidate to fill the position. By town charter, it is the full Board of Selectmen that choose the candidate. Some election results seem to just … read more

Heiser takes pride in town’s progress

Admitting to some pride in his “very, very, very small part in improving the town” over nearly a quarter century of public service, Marty Heiser congratulated the candidates who were victorious election night, ending his 24 years on Ridgefield’s Board of Finance. “I congratulate Amy Mccartney Freidenrich and Sean Connelly and Dick Moccia on their election, and reelection in Sean’s … read more

Election results: Did Trump turn town blue?

Democrats’ high engagement swamped Republicans’ registration advantage. The blue wave that crashed ashore on Election Day last week swept away six Republican incumbents, turned over four town agencies from Republican to Democratic majorities, and left Ridgefield Democrats gaining 17 of 25 board and commission seats on the ballot. Seeing Democrats with higher vote totals in race after race was a … read more

Editorial: Minority representation

After an election that resulted in town officials taking a couple of days to figure out conclusively who won all the seats, folks may wonder about Connecticut’s “minority representation” laws. Minority representation rules say a single party may hold only so many seats on a given elected body — no more than four seats on a five-member board, or six … read more

WATCH: Town Clerk, registrars discuss Ridgefield's election results

The 2017 election is finally over in Ridgefield. After a five-day wait, Town Clerk Barbara Serfilippi, Republican Registrar of Voters Hope Wise and Democratic Registrar of Voters Cindy Bruno unveiled the results of this year’s complex municipal election. Above is a 10-minute clip of the discussion that took place in the lower level conference room in Town Hall late Monday … read more

Election 2017: Town unveils final results, outcomes

Democrats 17, Republicans eight — that was tally of board and commission seats gained in this year’s unusually confusing election. “We wanted to be sure we got it right,” Town Clerk Barbara Serfilippi said Monday afternoon, explaining why it took almost a week for final results of all the election contests to be announced. Serfilippi, Republican Registrar of Voters Hope … read more

Election results still under discussion

Town officials were still meeting and trying to figure out all the uncertainties of this year’s election results late Thursday afternoon. Town Clerk Barbara Serfilippi, Republican Registrar Hope Wise and Democratic Registrar Cindy Bruno have been meeting and talking to state election officials since Tuesday night’s voting. A closed door meeting in First Selectman Rudy Marconi’s office was still going … read more

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