Erik F. Hoag Alumni Hockey Game this Friday

It's become an annual event that serves as both a homecoming and an introduction.

The Erik F. Hoag Alumni Hockey Game — which matches alumni members of the Ridgefield High boys hockey team against current varsity players — takes place this Friday (Nov. 24) at 2:30 p.m. at the Winter Garden Ice Arena.

The game is named in honor of the late Erik F. Hoag, who played hockey in the Ridgefield youth and high school programs. Hoag constantly provided a sense of teamwork, competitive spirit and fun on the ice for his teammates.

The RHS varsity team will play the returning alumni in a non-checking game that is also a fund-raiser for the Erik Hoag Scholarship Fund. The fund was established in 1996 by the Hoag Family and the RHS Boys Hockey Booster Club, and the scholarship is awarded yearly to the RHS senior player who best exemplifies a winning attitude and an abounding love for the sport, while also promoting camaraderie among teammates.

This scholarship is awarded to a current senior at the RHS Senior Awards Night in June. Joe Signorelli, a freshman at Dartmouth College, was awarded the Erik Hoag Scholarship for 2017.

Funds are raised by charging admission to the game, charging the alumni a fee to play in the game, and selling raffle tickets during the game. Many of the alumni and attendees also make donations to the scholarship fund.

All former Ridgefield High players are invited to participate in the game. For more information and to RSVP, click here.

Following is a list of previous Erik Hoag Scholarship winners:

2017 - Joe Signorelli
2016 - Kyle Horsa
2015 - Brendan Winne
2014 - Christian O'Connell
2013 - Geoff Schneider
2012 - Corey Dunn
2011 - Mike Rinaldi
2010 - Peter Rosencrans
2009 - David Fuchs
2008 - Joe Martire
2007 - Brendan Hutchings
2006 - Dan Larson
2005 - Steve Craig
2004 - Gary Orr
2003 - Tom Clarkson
2002 - Joe Bonanni
2001 - Michael Schneider
2000 - Kyle Pinto
1999 - Seb Pollack
1998 - Matthew Ahearn
1997 - Ryan Lumelleau
1996 - Gregory Saltz