Youth football: Prohaszka paces Ridgefield win

The following games were recently played by Ridgefield Youth Football teams:

8th Grade

Ridgefield 14, Fairfield 0

Kai Prohaszka ran for two touchdowns as the Ridgefield eighth grade football team defeated Fairfield, 14-0, last Sunday at Warde High School in Fairfield.

Fairfield started the game on offense and was quickly shut down with key tackles by Ridgefield’s Nick Masi, Nick Verbitsky, Robbie Liesegang, James Nightingale, Matthew Long, Liam Gerosa, Bo Forbis, Noah LaValley, and Brendan Busby.

Ridgefield took over on offense and Prohaszka — aided by Ethan McGerald’s key block — ran 60 yards for a touchdown. Nick Wright’s two-point kick went slightly wide, leaving Ridgefield with a 6-0 lead.  

John McGoey, Logan Gels, Cameron Smith, Nightingale, and Verbitsky sacked Fairfield’s quarterback, and Zackary Muldoon broke up a long pass to get Ridgefield’s offense back on the field.

Prohaszka struck again in the second quarter, returning a Fairfield punt 65 yards for a touchdown behind key blocks from Kyle McCormick, McGerald, and Wright. Prohaszka scored despite having a Fairfield player trying to pull him down by the back of his shirt. Wright’s two-point kick stretched Ridgefield’s lead to 14-0.

Strong defense by Gels, Smith, Masi, Prohaszka, Liesegang, McGoey, Nightingale, Verbitsky, Long, and Busby shut down Fairfield’s running game and forced the hosts to throw the ball.  But defensive backs Kyle Showstead, Ryan Colsey, Mitch Tatge, Muldoon, McCormick, and McGerald, stopped Fairfield’s passing game.

Ridgefield’s offense ran down the clock in the second half and came close to scoring several times with passes by Colsey to McGerald, McCormick, and Liesegang. Matthew Gallagher, Matthew Shepard and Hunter Jewell provided blocks to protect Colsey. Showstead also played at quarterback and threw a nice pass to Michael Narciso for a first down.

5th Grade

Westport 6, Ridgefield 0

Ridgefield controlled the ball for most of the game but came up short against host Westport.

Ridgefield came out strong in the first quarter with a 30-yard drive led by blocking from linemen Nicky Costello and Ben Bazarian. The defense then got two key tackles from Caleb Caviola and Will McKerracher to prevent big plays.

On its second possession, Westport scored the game’s only touchdown to go ahead, 6-0.

After that, Ridgefield’s strong defense continued to pounce on Westport, getting a tackle and a sack behind the line of scrimmage from Joe Hong and Lorenzo Lanzilli.

In the second half, Ridgefield gained momentum on a 20-yard run by Trevor Chojnacki behind key blocking from wide receiver Bryan Fitzpatrick. Ridgefield kept driving by was unable to score, despite solid attempts by Max Kepler and Jack Schoenherr to get the ball in the end zone.