Ridgefield world champions coming home to race with local team

Ridgefield world champions coming home to race with local team

Ridgefield world champions are coming home to race with their team in the Head of the Charles Regatta rowing boat race, which is from Friday, Oct. 21 through Sunday, Oct. 23, in Boston.

Kaitlyn Kynast, Stanford University, and Ridgefield, is a world, national and NCAA champion.

There is also Meg Galloway, Yale University,  and Ridgefield.

The race is known to be one of the most prestigious rowing races in the world.

The race is also a 2.5 mile, 4.0 km, kilometer, head race for rowing clubs. The race is the largest two day rowing event in the world, with 11,000 athletes competing in over 1,800 boats. The race is also known as the Charles.

More information is available at https://www.hocr.org. 

The Connecticut Boating Club, CBC, is the first and perhaps only dedicated Women's High School Rowing Club in the U.S.

The club is strongly focused on girl/women empowerment.

The rowers can row with college or U.S. National alumni boats.

There are fun facts about the Charless. The fun facts are: 789 clubs, 2472 entries.  

The Connecticut Boat Club Coach is also Princeton alum and New Canaan resident Jim Sweitzer.

The Connecticut Boat Club Varsity Head Coach is also U.S. National Coach and Norwalk resident Liz Trond.

More information is available at https://ctboatclub.org/coaches. 

The submitted world champions, NCAA champions, and U.S. national championship winners:  

- Kath Isaza, Syracuse University, Norwalk,

- Isa Fitter, USC, University of Southern California, Fairfield,

- Jess Ferrante, Boston College, Fairfield,

- Meg Galloway, Yale University, Ridgefield,

- Kaitlyn Kynast, Stanford University, Ridgefield,

- Casey Clifford, Brown University, Darien,

- Kath Squitieri, Brown University, Westport/Wilton, and 

- Lauren Squitieri, Penn, the University of Pennsylvania, Westport/Wilton.