Ridgefield 8th grade football team splits two games

Ridgefield Youth Football's eighth grade team split its first two Fairfield County Football League games.

In the season opener, Ridgefield beat Darien White, 25-14. Kyle McCormick, Kai Prohaszka, and Robbie Liesegang scored Ridgefield’s three touchdowns, and Nick Wright kicked the extra points.

Ridgefield started on defense with Bo Forbis, John McGoey, Nick Masi, Prohaszka, and Liesegang tying up Darien’s runners. Zackary Muldoon, Liam Gerosa, Nick Verbitsky, Ethan McGerald, and Prohaszka provided kick returner McCormick with good coverage on the punt return and give Ridgefield good field position for its first possession.

Quarterback Ryan Colsey and Prohaszka provided runs for Ridgefield. Blocks by James Nightingale, Matt Long, Cameron Smith, Masi, and Forbis helped McCormick run for the first touchdown.  

Kyle Showstead, Hunter Jewell, Matthew Shepard, Mitch Tatge, Michael Narcisco, Logan Gels, Brendan Busby, and Matt Gallagher stopped Darien’s runs, but Darien was able to score on a long pass. Prohaszka responded with a touchdown on Ridgefield’s next drive to give his team a 12-7 lead.

Noah LaValley, Verbitsky, Masi, Forbis, and Logan Gels provided good blocks for Prohaszka to score again on Ridgefield’s next possession.  

Liesegang was a beast on both offense and defense, sacking the Darien quarterback and stopping most runs. Liesegang scored after a long run on a short pass from Colsey as Ridgefield closed out its victory.

Ridgefield suffered a rough 14-13 loss to Wilton White at Tiger Hollow on Saturday. Quarterback Ryan Colsey played a gutsy game to almost get the win for the Tigers.

Outstanding defense by Nick Masi, Nick Verbitsky, James Nightingale, Bo Forbis, Kai Prohaszka, John McGoey, Michael Narcisco, Logan Gels, Noah LaValley, Robbie Liesegang, and Brendan Busby contained Wilton’s offense and gave the ball to Ridgefield’s offense.  

Prohaszka and Kyle McCormick ran the ball to gain significant yards for Ridgefield with good blocks by Masi, Forbis and Liesegang. Prohaszka boomed a punt and then ran to make the tackle downfield to ensure Wilton did not have good field position.

After Wilton scored on a long run to end the first quarter with a 7-0 lead, Ridgefield’s offense moved the ball downfield with blocks from Masi, Matt Gallagher, Mitch Tatge, Kyle Showstead, Hunter Jewell, and Gels. Wilton got an interception, but Ridgefield’s defense forced a fumble to give the ball back to Ridgefield on the next play.

Colsey threw a pass to Ethan McGerald for a short gain and Prohaszka had several long runs.  Colsey then connected with Nick Wright, who ran for an additional 10 yards after making the catch. Prohaszka and Colsey ran for more yards, and, after a key block from Prohaszka, Colsey threw a perfect pass to McGerald in the end zone. Wright kicked the extra point and the half ended in a 7-7 tie.

Good defense by Liesegang, Colsey, Prohaszka, Narcisco, Matthew Shepard, Matt Long, and Zachary Muldoon stopped the Wilton run and broke up passes, but Wilton was able to score on a long pass to go ahead, 14-7.

Ridgefield’s offense continued to make mistakes with bobbled snaps to Colsey and false start penalties, forcing a punt. Prohaszka sent the kick downfield, where McGerald stripped the Wilton player of the ball and Liam Gerosa recovered. After another bobbled snap, Colsey picked the ball up and on the run threw a 20-yard pass to McGerald, who made the catch and ran out of bounds.  

Prohaszka gained significant yards, but Ridgefield was forced to punt again. With little time left, Ridgefield’s defense held Wilton and got the ball back. Under pressure, Colsey threw a bomb to McGerald, who caught the pass above the hands of two Wilton defenders.

Another Ridgefield penalty pushed the ball back to first and goal on the 20-yard line. Prohaszka took a handoff and refused to be brought down, evading five Wilton defenders to score. Ridgefield went for two points and the win, and Colsey threw another pass to McGerald, who caught the ball but was ruled inches short of the end zone, giving Wilton the 14-13 win.