Support doggie digestion with Bixbi grain-free dog food at PetSmart

Because healthy pups are the happiest pups!

Bixbi grain-free dog food is the kibble they'll love to nibble!

Bixbi grain-free dog food is the kibble they'll love to nibble!


Celebrate National Pet Month with Bixbi dog food at PetSmart

(Ad) The creators of Bixbi take your dog’s health seriously, which is why they pour their passion into making naturally-sourced grain-free dog food. Bixbi dry dog food is an all fresh meat kibble and their wet dog food is also free of industrial grains and other harmful additives.

Note that while all Bixbi dog food options focus on high-quality ingredients and canine digestibility, not all varieties are grain-free. However, grain-free dog food and ancient grain dog food options are available – just choose which variety suits your dog’s needs. 

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Bixbi dog food & digestibility

Bixbi is committed to serving your furry friends high-quality grain-free dog food made with digestible ingredients. Eating highly-digestible ingredients means pups absorb more nutrients every time they eat, helping to support their overall health and well-being with every bite.

Many dog food manufacturers use what’s known as meat meal in their products, a derivative of meat that has been highly processed. While meat meal boosts protein levels in dry dog food on paper, it’s not easily digestible as fresh meat products.

Bixbi dog food was created to serve dogs and pet parents who want to provide their pets with a nutritious meal that goes above and beyond. With recipes that include 87-94% fresh meat, liver, and broth, we’d say they’re doing a paw-some job! 

PetSmart dog food: Bixbi dry dog food 

Your dogs will "chow chow" down!

Bixbi dry dog food available at PetSmart comes in a variety of fresh meat flavors your dog will truly enjoy. With high-quality ingredients like fresh lamb, beef, chicken, quail, and fish, you’ll know you’re serving up healthy, digestible dishes your dogs will really dig! Most varieties come as grain-free dog food, but there are a few that include grains, so definitely check if your dog has food sensitivities or intolerances.  

PetSmart dog food: Bixbi wet dog food

Available in a variety of flavors!

If you’ve got a four-legged foodie on your hands, Bixbi wet dog food is the perfect solution for picky pups. This grain-free dog food is made with the same high-quality ingredients as all products created by Bixbi, which means you can feel good about feeding it to your pets. With around 90% fresh meat, liver, and broth, Bixbi wet dog food makes for a great meal on its own or as a topper for dry food.

Ways to save on Bixbi dog food at PetSmart

Get discounted Bixbi dog food with PetSmart autoship  

Dog lovers, rejoice! With autoship from PetSmart, you can save on regular deliveries of Bixbi dog food – plus, you’ll never worry about running out again. Sign up is simple:

  • Select the eligible Bixbi dog food flavors & types you want delivered
  • Select “Autoship & save 35%”
  • Select your shipment frequency
  • 35% of the cost will be deducted from your first order
  • 5% of the cost will be deducted from all future deliveries
  • Pause or discontinue deliveries at any time
  • Terms and conditions apply

Save time with Bixbi dog food delivery powered by DoorDash 

That’s right; DoorDash isn’t just for burgers and fries! When you buy Bixbi dog food from PetSmart, you can have grain-free dog food delivered to your door with same day delivery powered by DoorDash. Follow a few simple steps and cross “pick up dog food” off your to-do list: 

  • Select the quantity & flavors of eligible Bixbi dog food you want delivered
  • Choose “Same-Day Delivery” powered by DoorDash
  • Enter your delivery address & check availability
  • Click on your cart to check-out as usual
  • Enjoy free same-day delivery of Bixbi dog food  

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