Drew Glaser, 52, owned excavation firm, fought cancer

Drew Glaser
Drew Glaser

Drew Glaser died in the early morning hours of February 12th. at his mother’s home, the home he was raised in from 6 years of age.

Drew went through the Ridgefield school system but chose to go no further.  Instead, he was intent on pursuing a career outdoors with big machinery, a passion he had even at age 3 with Tonka toys and play dough.

Through the years he worked for and with the area’s best contractors including Nano Marconi, Rudy’s father. He also worked for a time with Ridgefield’s Highway Dept. where he gained not just additional experience but  also more lasting and meaningful friendships.  One department member referred to him recently as “Our Drew.”

Of course, his ultimate position was that of the owner of  Homeworks Excavating and Maintenance.   And here he shone, taking this hard and challenging work to an art form.

He was so highly regarded in his job as well as in his personal life as a man of integrity who created a very positive image with all those he met.

Drew fought and won the battle with bladder cancer over a 3 year period.  Nothing, not pain nor chemo, could keep him off the job.  His greatest joy was getting out there and putting in an honest day’s work.

Through it all  he projected strength and courage.  A long-time neighbor and friend put it best: Drew left a powerful legacy of how to live this often too turbulent life.

How much he loved dogs and cats. His bulldog “Cosmo” meant the world and more to him, and Cosmo is lost without him.

For sheer joy Drew loved riding his Harley. Riding his bike was pure happiness and the friends he had in the bike community were just a wonderful addition to his life. Annie, his devoted wife, was the passenger who had his back here and throughout the long months of his illness.

The nightmare of pancreatic cancer struck.  Even so, he worked and smiled and loved life so very much and never stopped believing or hoping.  But, it took him down and suffering was non-stop.  And God knew when he had enough.

Drew was born in Bethesda, Maryland, on March 12, 1961, to Maureen and the late George Glaser.

He leaves behind him his beloved wife of 5 years, Anne, and her children Shaina, Coelena, Roger and Brendan Provey.

In addition to his mother, Drew is survived by his brother Mark and wife Jan of Green Pond, N.J.; his brother Jeff of Charlotte, N.C.; and his nephew Mark Francis of N.J.; and Jessie, Heather and Justin Glaser, his nephew and neices of North Carolina.

He leaves friends beyond counting.  They meant the world to him.  With him until the end were Gregory, Dan, Peter, Stan and Art and so many more.

A Memorial Mass will take place on Saturday, February 22 at St. Mary’s Church in Ridgefield with a celebration of his life to follow.