Annette Shapiro, 100, Ridgefield resident

Annette Shapiro passed away on Tuesday, April 8, at the age of 100 years and 9 months.  Annette was a part time resident of Ridgefield from 1989 and then a full time resident from 2003 for the remainder of her life.

Annette was born in New Jersey on July 3, 1913. As a child she attended school in the greater New York area and also studied a year in Italy while visiting with her grandmother in Sicily. After high school graduation, she attended the Edith Young Art School where she studied commercial art and fashion design. Annette enjoyed a career in fashion illustration and design .  She moved to Long Island, NY in 1951 where she chose to raise her family. Annette retired to Florida in 1965.

Annette enjoyed gardening and art activities as well as spending much time at Founder's Hall and St. Steven's church. She loved to travel and made a year long trip around the world.

Annette was the beloved mother of Margaret Arnold, also of Ridgefield, and John Luby of Hillsboro, New Hampshire. During her years in Ridgefield, she received great joy and was a blessing to her 7 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren.