To the Editor:
It is with heartfelt and the utmost gratitude that we at the Ridgefield Housing Authority express our thanks to the Ridgefield Thrift Shop for their grant to build an outdoor pavilion for the community of residents of the Housing Authority.
This grant will address a Quality of Life issue for our residents giving them an ADA-compliant protected outdoor space where they can gather, instead of being confined to the indoors, a major issue for the elderly and special needs residents.
We enthusiastically thank the Thrift Shops volunteers. They are an amazing array of heartfelt, wonderful people who dedicate their own time, effort and energy to not only supplying this community with a means for its residents to transfer their “extra’s to support those with different levels of needs, but in giving of their time to make it all happen. Time is one of the most precious gifts that we have and these volunteers give of it freely, with dedication and with love. This community is blessed to have them and the wonderful leadership of the Ridgefield Thrift Shop.
The Ridgefield Housing Authority is a non-profit and a separate legal entity from the Town of Ridgefield. The Housing Authority goal is to provide affordable housing for the elderly, adults with special and behavioral needs and families. Our mission is to improve the community through the maintenance of decent and affordable housing while being sound in its decisions and management.
Vincent Liscio 

Ridgefield Housing Authority