Letter: ‘Working’ works for us

To the Editor: 
We couldn’t disagree more with your negative review of the musical “Working,” performed at ACT on Quarry Road here in Ridgefield. We thought it was great.
The critic seemed intent on comparing this local production with other musicals she had seen on Broadway. We don’t know about those, but Broadway is about 2 hours away (v. 7 minutes for ACT). Broadway costs much more, and you get seats much farther away. These are not unimportant differences in the experience of the viewer.
She said that the song, Just a Housewife, “is another number that is sadly downtrodden”. Interesting … some of the most poignant and beautiful songs are sad songs. We thought this was one of the two best songs in the show.
And speaking of songs, the voices were rich and polished. The staging and choreography were crisp and well executed. Including videos of people who work in Ridgefield was an especially creative touch.
After the show, we and our two friends were very pleased with what we all had experienced. And we were on an emotional high as we lingered afterward and as we walked out. Can’t ask for more than that, can you?
Andy and Jane Jawlik
Mimosa Circle, Feb. 23