Letter: Words from speakers spur wish for daughter

To the Editor:

As the speakers’ words from the march for women echo in my mind, I think of my daughter Caroline, the world she is living in and the world in which she will grow up. Here is my wish for her.   

I wish for her to be a woman of faith, understanding life is a gift from God, who understands that we are called to love and to serve.  

I wish for her to be a woman of integrity, who carries herself with grace, and charm, yet boundless humility. A woman who treats all with dignity, and treasures not one’s possessions, but one’s values. A woman filled with gratitude who shares her fortune with those burdened with life’s infirmities.  

I wish for her to be a woman filled with awe by the opportunities available to her. Knowing they will require hard work and dedication, not be granted but earned. Where she will encounter both failure and success, adversity and elation, learn from both and treat each with calming equanimity.

I wish for her to be a woman of strength who will fight for the ideals in which she believes. Understanding that words filled with political vitriol do not douse the flames of unrighteousness, but stoke the flames of fury. A woman whose words and actions are marked by compassion in her strive to mitigate injustice.

I wish for her to know that she need look no further than her mother for a role model — a woman of faith and uncompromising ethics, who has made enormous sacrifices for her family. A woman who has built a successful business career upon a foundation of compassion and trust  and who has balanced her business career and motherhood with great aplomb.

James A. Curnal