Letter: Wolff’s book confirms early criticism of Trump, Bannon

To the Editor:

Last July I wrote a letter to The Press criticizing Trump, Jeff Sessions and, most especially, Steve Bannon. Linda Lavelle responded indignantly saying I smeared them and I responded that I don’t smear but I warned her that Bannon was evil and I explained why with information then available from Breitbart News.  

By now that judgment is so well proven that even Trump has pretended to hardly know Bannon despite the obvious fact that Bannon did more than anyone to win the election for Trump.

The new book by Michael Wolff, quoting endless opinions of Trump by Trump’s staff, has raised a great conversation in the national press. The leading national reporters covering the White House, including at least one who still supports Trump, are arguing whether Trump was a moron (as stated by his secretary of state) or was “only” suffering a mental disorder that has now grown much worse. Why the Trump White House permitted such detailed access to senior officials is still unclear, but Bannon has implied that the quote from him is accurate.  

He is quoted as saying that Trump Jr. committed treason by his dealing with the Russians and that Ivanka was stupid as a brick. Trump says the law must prevent the book from being sold but that is not easy.

The Republican situation is getting much more serious; the danger of nuclear war between two sick leaders is appalling and no one should count on impeachment as a likely short-term solution because it is very difficult, even with a willing Congress, which is not presently present.

Walter Slavin

Governor Street, Jan. 4