Letter: Winter club presentation provided more questions than answers

To the Editor:

At the first meeting on the winter club proposal, I was struck by several specious points in proponent’s presentation:  

Counsel in the presentation assured us that no change in value would occur to property in its vicinity as the town’s appraisal had occurred a year ago and would not recur for five years.   


Isn’t it eminently clear that people are not selling their property to the town but to a willing buyer and real market value is the issue? That will surely decline if this operation is allowed to proceed.

Much was made about the light fixtures ability to direct light and assuring us no light would go off the property. Even if no ambient lighting would result from direct lighting what about specular reflection off the mirror, like the surface of a hockey rink and building surfaces not to mention diffuse reflection throughout? Can anyone believe this facility in operation will not light up the surrounding night sky?

With sound we were advised that “sound fences” of six feet on one side and eight feet on the other would suppress sound. Really? Can anyone believe that an open area hockey rink with loudspeaker, music, spectator noise and just overall noise of a hockey rink sports venue would be significantly affected by fencing?

The board did not have time to ask questions at this session but there are some searching ones to be asked on these points and others when meetings resume.

Harold, Suk Yean and Stephen Saxton

Peaceable Street, Sept. 11