Letter: Winter club approval would be devastating to old neighborhoods

To the Editor:

Ridgefield is a 300-year-old town with a wonderful history and community. It is wonderful by the

many silent actions of individuals and families over the centuries through their expectations and their hard work in fulfilling those expectations.

People have an expectation when they buy a home. Those common expectations of family, friends, safety, privacy, and tranquility eventually build a great neighborhood. Those overall expectations and their results eventually build a wonderful and cohesive community — our town.

Those common endeavors, expectations, and results should never be violated by town leaders in favor of the topical whims and financial advancement of others. It would be a violation of the centuries-old potent bond and trust among our community.

We must guard against all projects that want to take financial advantage of the familial and bucolic nature of our town and community at the expense of what got us here. These neighborhoods were not cultivated over-night, and once clear-cut, will be unable to re-root. Previous expectations and results have brought us a beautiful town we call home. Let's tread very carefully when confronted with changes to that magical symbiosis.

While I recognize that some residents are enthusiastic about the prospect of having a skate club in our town, I have never heard anyone state that they would support having the winter club open right next door to their home. Please do the right thing and join the Peaceable neighbors in asking the applicant to locate his club in an appropriate commercial zone and our P&Z Commission to vote “no” to the Winter Club on Peaceable Street.

Catherine Neligan

Old West Mountain, Aug. 24