Letter: Winter Club will be anything but private

To the Editor:

We live about half mile from the intended “private club” skating rink. The Press has received letters from other concerned residents summarizing the profound adverse effect this operation would have not only on those nearby but also on the whole community.  

After those, can anyone not understand the negative effect on our entire area if this is allowed to proceed? Frankly, we're confused. The description I’ve seen is a commercial operation billing itself as a private club with an outdoor hockey rink, three-floor clubhouse with bar, commercial/kitchen restaurant, locker rooms, bowling alley, 40-feet rink lighting, 96 parking spaces, parking lot lighting, and loudspeakers with music undoubtedly played at threshold of pain level universal with sports venues now.  

What is “private” about such a club that intrudes on and changes completely the ambiance we have enjoyed so long? Doesn't zoning prevent this? All this carnival to proceed on land still zoned residential notwithstanding its previous occupant was a nursery founded long before zoning? Who connected with zoning could possibly equate these two? Recalls lyrics: "...don't know what you've got ’til it's gone, they paved paradise and put up a parking lot."  

Over 30 years our life has been enriched just sitting on the deck enjoying wildlife and bird song from our backyard woods. After dark it's the concert of night sounds that in fall reaches crescendo, in winter beholding the wonder of serene masterpieces God fashions using foliage and precipitation. This so called "private club" will overlay this with noise and light pollution as well as traffic nightmare.  

That simply invades privacy, retards mobility and likely safety of all us anywhere near. In this increasingly strident world, please help us value the sounds of silence.

Harold, Suk Yean and Stephen Saxton

Peaceable Street, Aug. 10