Letter: Winter Club proposal should be rejected

To the Editor:

We ourselves are likely to be minimally affected by the proposed Ridgefield Winter Club on Peaceable, since our home is a couple of miles away.

However, we are appalled that an obviously commercial enterprise might be granted a permit to build a large hockey rink with a three-story “clubhouse,” including bar/restaurant and a bowling alley, under the transparently phony pretense that it is a “private club.”

Granting such a permit would set a dreadful precedent that would allow the incursion of virtually any commercial enterprise into residential neighborhoods, so long as the enterprise nominaly qualified as a “private club,” by imposing some kind of membership fee.

If the Ridgefield Planning and Zoning Commission were to permit such a violation of the principle of residential zoning, that would constitute obvious betrayal of the its responsibility to preserve the essentially residential nature of Ridgefield neighborhoods currently zoned as residential.

Michael Jorrin

11 Doubleday Lane, Aug. 29