Letter: Winter Club for the privileged

To the Editor:

The proposed private Winter Club in Ridgefield is not for the public or the community. Since there are 25,000 residents living in Ridgefield and this private club is for only 275 members, how is this for the community?

The membership cost and dues will be more than the average Ridgefield resident is willing to spend.

Another local Connecticut winter club has membership fees of $10,000 plus dues. Since Bud Brown’s club will be three times the size of that club, will the membership be three times the cost? Ouch!

Don’t be fooled; the intentions are to attract the residents of Greenwich, New Canaan and Darien.

The privileged members will have access to a private club at the expense of the residents living on Peaceable Street and Old South Salem Road.

Linda Bauer

Peaceable Street, Aug. 14