Letter: Wilton vs. Ridgefield school budgets, taxes

To the Editor:

Both Wilton and Ridgefield have wonderful school systems and high schools that rank in the top 10 within all Connecticut towns.

Wilton’s proposed budget increase for next year is only 1.3% while Ridgefield’s increase is 3.43%.

The difference is actually huge and the impact extends to the overall viability of our town.

In Ridgefield’s case, if this rate continues over the years, the school budget will double in 21 years.

Wilton’s doubling scenario is much more reasonable at 53 years.

Hard to image my property tax rate in 10 years, let alone the doubling in 21. Devastating!

I know the Ridgefield Board of Education loves math, so please go back and make the tough decisions necessary.

In 10 years, no one will be able to afford Ridgefield property taxes and all future homebuyers will have a great incentive to buy in Wilton.

Ridgefield must lower proposed taxes to stay competitive with Wilton.

Rich Fasanelli

Gay Road, Jan. 17