Letter: Will Haskell, liberal in sheep’s clothing

To the Editor:
In the April 11 Democratic View in The Press, as well as at a town hall meeting that I attended where he spoke at length about tolls, Will Haskell tries to come across as young but wise beyond his years, moderate, sensible, empathetic to our situation but willing to make the tough decisions. I hate to be the one to break it to you, Will, but you are none of those: you are just another tax and spend liberal. The reason that many of us are against tolls is not because they may be a legitimate revenue stream that could be used to repair our infrastructure, but because they are the straw that will break the camel’s back — if it’s not broken already. And Gov. Lamont is now floating the idea of borrowing against the toll revenue, and we don’t even have tolls yet! There goes your argument about not burdening future generations.
On the basis of its solvency in five separate categories, Connecticut ranks 49th among the U.S. states for fiscal health (State Fiscal Rankings, the Mercatus Center, George Mason University). Here’s another news flash: it’s not your damn money, and you are already showing yourself to be a poor steward of it.
I’ll make you a deal: if you get the legislature to repeal Connecticut’s “temporary” income tax, you stop Gov. Lamont from instituting another tax of any kind, and you get Hartford to refund the transportation “lockbox” and the teachers’ pension fund by cutting costs and beginning to run the state government efficiently, like a private business would be required to do (oooh, what a concept), we’ll get behind tolls 110%.
I don’t see that happening, so enjoy your time in Hartford. I don’t think you’ll be representing Connecticut’s 26th Senate district in 2021.
Sean Archambault
Ramapoo Road, April 22