Letter: Why not have ‘Violence Reduction Month?’

To the Editor:

Kudos to Selectman Bob Hebert for having the guts to take a stand against something that we all know has a hidden agenda — Gun Violence Awareness Month. Like he said, I don't know of anyone that is in favor of gun violence or violence in any form.  

Why can't we just have "Violence Awareness Month" or better yet, "Violence Reduction Month?”  The problem is the overwhelming amount of violence in this country, not the guns.  

Actually violence using firearms is one of the least common methods.  

There are far more violent acts committed with people’s hands or other implements than  by the use of guns.  

Let's face it, the supporters of gun violence awareness are targeting the guns rather than the violent people in our society.  

I am with Selectman Hebert and will not support hidden agendas.  

Good for you, Bob!

Kevin Tappe