Letter: Why I opted off Jim Himes' email list

To the Editor:
I recently opted off Jim Himes' email list and in his form field which asks, “Please tell us why you are unsubscribing,” I shared the following below and submit this as a letter to editor as there are partisan issues implied that all sides can rally upon, such as my wife’s health care experienced outlined in said exit correspondence with Jim’s team.
“The Democrats have completely lost focus and currently, as a collective party, are a complete disgrace to the Constitution — shame on you!
Revisiting the 27 markers of Revolutionary War heroes from both sides, patriots and loyalists, during April 27th’s 242nd anniversary of the Battle of Ridgefield, I could hear their spirits sigh as they look down at us today ... Not to say the Republican party is better, just that watching Himes and Blumenthal on TV shows we have lost our Connecticut center and statesmanship, and traded it for contemporary “gotchas” at any cost ... You want Trump’s tax returns, how about Obama’s college transcripts? ... Under Obama, the Democrats weaponized every federal institution we once held sacred ... I believed in Jim during the Darien town hall he hosted on Iran deal or no deal, and was super proud of both Jim and Richard that day (and the crowd civility of Q&A despite heated issue), but something has changed and it is hard to stomach hence the opting off your list ...
With respect to your preexisting coverage HR 986, while I can appreciate it on one level having been personally denied and caught in that very expensive trap, I also think it is a complete waste of time and misses the health care issue ... e.g., my wife recently had a procedure that had she not had insurance would have cost her $600 cash, upfront ... Her insurance company paid and settled the claim for $9 ... Yes not a typo ... $9 the vendor was paid, the same vendor that charges $600 for people off the street ... If you really wanted change in health, you would be promoting pricing transparency upfront, make non-disclosures for hospital legal settlements illegal and public, plus other core changes that bring transparency and free market principles a chance to breathe light into our opaque system ... Consider I have relatives, also in your district, who had knee surgery gone very, very wrong, and after years fighting collected settlement but had to sign a non-disclosure agreement ... So the doctors and hospital get to keep on trucking like they did ... Thus no societal upgrade for anybody and just another cost of business for the hospital ... If you were going to have knee surgery, wouldn’t you want to shop and see which institution has 99% success vs losers at 40% success rate?
That all being said, I salute you and your office for doing the best you can ... Certainly, these are wacky times and probably the times prophesied by the Inca, the Hopi, the Quran, the Bible, and many others I’ve read about —where the dividing lines of good and evil are accelerating and the middle fence being ripped down, and the side we choose becomes obvious ...”
Chuck Scott
Nettle Lane, May 13