Letter: Who should pay the new sewer plant utility bill?

To the Editor:

The new sewer plant has been approved but with thousands of Ridgefield voters saying no to this expenditure.

I am opposed to having residential homeowners with septic systems (my septic system cost $30,000) pay anything for this sewer plant and its operation.

This clearly is a utility bill for homeowners without a septic system and for commercial businesses in Ridgefield that need sewers.

Why should I pay a portion of this utility bill for Stop and Shop and Starbucks?

This truly is preposterous, it’s a utility cost that will not even be borne by businesses in Ridgefield, it’s passed on to customers, like myself.

When I buy products from Stop and Shop, the cost of their Ridgefield sewer utility bill is contained in each product, along with their electric bill, heating bill and clean water bill.

Homeowners in the sewer district have the benefit of not investing in and maintaining a septic system, which in my case cost $30,000.

In addition, is it legal, under state law, that I am billed for a utility service that I do not receive?

Should homeowners with septic systems band together and bring this issue to court?

This issue needs greater consideration from the politicians that work for us.

Rich Fasanelli

Gay Road, Nov. 18