Letter: Who’s misleading whom?

To the Editor:

Concerning Susan Cocco’s vitriolic letter of July 5 against Rep. John Frey, it appears that the “misleading language” and “ignorance of the facts” is on her part. U.S. law forbids children from being jailed with criminal parents. Illegal border crossing is a misdemeanor crime and when adults with children do so, the adults must be detained alone. If the adults then claim asylum, a lengthy process follows and, according to a 1997 decree by the 9th Circuit, the children can only be held for 20 days. So either parents and children are released, and 80% never show up for their court hearings, or the adults remain in custody and children are released to relatives/foster care. The first case resulted in over 100,000 “families” arriving in just two months in 2018. Many children are not related to the adults and are used to enter our country. The real child abuse is by the coyote hostage takers and sex traffickers. If asylum families present themselves at a legal point of entry their cases are dealt with promptly and there is virtually no separation.

Photos of children in cages were taken during Obama’s term, but there was no outcry. Either we enforce our laws or we live in a lawless society. If the laws need revision, then look to Congress, but the Democrats have obstructed every reasonable immigration bill so far.

Ms. Cocco, how dare you blame Gov. Rell for Connecticut’s massive debt! During the boom years her budgets ran surpluses. When the economy and revenues tanked she cut hundreds of millions of dollars from the budget, and tried to cut more. She fought the Democratic legislature for eight months over their plan to borrow and raise taxes, finally giving in to their veto-proof majority which passed their budget without her signature.

Linda Lavelle

Aspen Mill Road, July 15