Letter: Who is really benefiting from 233 Danbury Road and 8-30g statute?

To the Editor:

I recently attended the Planning and Zoning meeting regarding 233 Danbury Road.

Let me begin by saying there seems to be a total lack of planning for the development of our town. This problem, coupled with developers who are now using the affordable housing law (8-30g) to make huge profits, often at the expense of their neighbors, is a travesty.

The property at 233 Danbury Road, sold for approximately $530,000, and if approved, will yield 30 units selling upwards of $400,000 each. Only nine of these will be “affordable” and even those will provide a large profit for our neighbor, Martin Handshy and Charter Group Partners.

Selectmen Steve Zemo has already built high-density housing here and owns other parcels that he is preparing for submission under 8-30g. Thanks, neighbor.

When the moratorium ends this month, our unprepared town government will be inundated with applications for profit-driven, high-density housing hiding behind this law. The law allows developers to bypass all the zoning regulations which have shaped the character of our town.

Under statute 8-30g, 233 Danbury Road will become a vinyl-sided, three-story condo building with 30 units and 67 parking spaces. This three-acre parcel, which formerly held one home, will be large enough for two septic systems serving upwards of 45 bedrooms along with a 37,000- square-foot building with a 12,380-square-foot footprint.

This will happen again and again. No neighborhood is exempt. Developers without restrictions will destroy the town as we know it.

Yes, I am against the development at 233 Danbury Road as an over-sized “apartment building” because it abuses this law.

Planning and Zoning must argue for something of a more suitable size for this location or Danbury Road will most certainly become a row of over-sized buildings.

Anne Marie Kwalwasser

Conley Court, Oct. 1