Letter: Where’s the mercy rule?

To the Editor:

Now that the baseball season is in full bloom, I thought using it as a comparison to the proposals the Democrats in Hartford have put forth. They want to increase the sales tax, rises the deposit on bottles and cans, increase the income taxes on quote “the rich.”  

In fact Rep. Josh Elliott from Hamden said it was “phenomenal” that lawmakers were considering raising taxes on the rich. They are also proposing to eliminate the tax exemption for nonprofits, eliminate the property tax credit, allow cities and towns to use the 100% assessed value instead of the current 70% for local property taxes.   

How does that tie in with baseball? Well right now the score is the Democrats 6, Taxpayers 0 — and we are still in the early innings.   

We know that in various baseball leagues, there is the mercy rule which stops the games when the score gets out of hand.   

Considering that we are already the most taxed state in the country, you would hope that the Democrats would impose a mercy rule and give us some relief.  

But it looks like the score will only get worse.

Dick Moccia

Ridgefield, April 24