Letter: What will it take to disavow Trump?

To the Editor:

I wish to pose a question to all who supported Donald Trump. What will it take to disavow that prior support? I am asking the above question without questioning anyone’s position on any specific political issue. I believe regardless of your political affiliation that all should be united in their disgust in how our new president has conducted himself.

I accept that there is an understandable frustration in large parts of this country as economic opportunities have escaped many, plants have shut down, and many feel liberals are guilty of hypocrisy (i.e. Bill Clinton’s private behavior). I accept that I live in a bubble not fully appreciating the justified concerns of many in other parts of the country who struggle simply to secure a livelihood. I respect opinions on both sides of the debate about abortion and appreciate the passion that they are held. I can understand that many wish to see stricter immigration controls at our borders. I can appreciate how many individuals across the country were tired of the constant scandals attached to the Clinton name going back 25 years. Frankly, I was one of them. This is not about where you stand politically. It is about where you stand on the most basic moral principles that you would wish to impart to your own children and would expect, frankly, from a 10 year-old running to be his/her third grade classroom president.

When is bragging about being able to grab a woman’s genitals, because you are rich and famous, especially for a man in his 50’s, acceptable? When is it acceptable to have swindled many individuals out of their savings for an educational promise that never existed? When is it acceptable to mock a disabled reporter for their disablity? When is it acceptable to promote obvious falsehoods for years like questioning Obama’s citizenship or to imply that Ted Cruz’ father may have been involved in the assassination of President John Kennedy? When does it become okay to state you will pay the legal bills of one of your supporters if they physically assault a protester? When has it become acceptable to state as true, without any evidence, a falsehood that thousands of Muslims celebrated in New Jersey suburbs of New York after the tragedy of 9/11? How is it justified that he carried on a disparaging campaign against a news anchor, Megan Kelly, not exactly a bastion of liberal thought, that even Fox News labeled a “sick obsession.” Have you asked yourself who was hurt by his multiple bankruptcies all the while he bragged how he benefited from them and did not pay a penny of federal taxes for13 years? How is it “presidential” that in his first day of being president engaging in a ridiculous debate about the size of the crowd attending his inauguration as compared to prior inaugurations and then stating his being the largest ever when that is a clear falsehood? How is it right, that with evidence right before any ones’ eyes to see, that he characterized Obama as disparaging one of his supporters at a Clinton campaign rally when, in fact, Obama was urging the audience to treat the protester with respect? When it is acceptable to compare our intelligence services to Nazi Germany because they are simply doing their job? Is it justified to refuse to answer a reporter’s question simply because his news outlet (CNN) was correctly reporting a reportable news item? How is it acceptable to falsely claim that he won the popular vote? Why is there not more outrage that with potential conflicts of interest he refuses to reveal his tax returns when this has become the expectation over the last 40 years?  I could go on with many more examples but space does not permit.

This is not about one’s political stance. Well known conservative Republicans have called him a fraud (Mitt Romney), providing a text book definition of racism (Paul Ryan), a jerk (Jeb Bush), a sniveling coward (Ted Cruz), and a narcissistic self promoter ( Bobby Jindal). This is but a partial list. Yes, some of the same politicians now line up to support him. I ask them do you now take back you prior statements.

I fear how he will ponder future decisions, maybe some that will yield short term gain (i.e. environmental deregulation), so he can claim credit, only to yield many times greater long term damage when he is no longer in office. I fear how he will divide us with stereotypes of large groups of people and see the world in terms of who is with him and who questions him. I question whether there is such a thing as reality or facts to him versus “alternative facts” (really lies) that serve only to promote his own image. I question his assault on our basic principles of truth, honesty, sensitivity and fact gathering that is so essential for the high office he now holds. Others have conservative political values without lowering all of us to demean our country and ourselves by such an assault on the most basic of moral values. I say enough…and say to all of you who supported this man to tell him, and his public apologists…Stop it….Enough!

Carey Jaffee