Letter: What’s truth, what’s fiction under Donald Trump?

To the Editor:

Even though Donald Trump has obtained his goal of becoming our American president, he has not curtailed his campaign rhetoric of accusing the election results, press coverage, news commentators, National Park Service, CIA, and just about anyone else who does not agree with his point of view as “fake” information. The current “fake” information continues to come from our elected “American Fuhrer” and his self-appointed White House staff, so much so that it is almost impossible for the American people to determine what is true or false information. As in any authoritarian rule, the first line of defense against criticism is attacking government and news agencies as untrustworthy by reporting “fake” information.  

Trump has taken political “transparency” to a whole new level of political “opaqueness.” As for the lack of transparency in the new Trump administration, why does Trump still resist releasing his income tax returns? What is in those documents that he wants to keep secret from the American people? Does it have to do with individuals, corporations, organizations and countries that provided his income? Or worse, does it contain information on individuals, corporations, organizations and countries that he paid for services provided to him and his corporation?  

It would be hard to “fake” his income tax returns, so if the Trump administration wants to have truthful transparency it can start with President Trump releasing his income tax returns. If he doesn’t, we may be looking beyond President Trump to a monarchy under “King Donald.”

PA Torzilli