Letter: What pickleballers don’t like is being singled out

To the Editor:

I am writing in response to Macklin Reid's article of Dec 20 entitled “Pickleballing seniors don’t like price hike.”

For the past several years of playing pickleball, we, as a group, have been enjoying using what has been “dead” space at the Rec Center and at Yanity. Space that had many unused time slots. We bought nets and balls, we paid to tint the windows in the gym to reduce glare for all and raised $7,000 to raise the basketball nets for the gym’s usage. We recently supported a fundraiser to purchase a practice machine for the sport in the amount of $1,200. We taped the lines on some outdoor courts and painted others on our hands and knees. We put the nets up and take them down. We purchased lockers to keep our equipment safe for all to use at the outside nets.

Now our group is being asked to absorb a 400% increase for a pickleball membership! Can someone explain to me why our rates are going up?

On the town’s expense budget, voters approved expenditures of $4,717,285 for Parks and Rec for the calendar year 2019. Both Parks and Rec and the town of Ridgefield proposed and approved by the voters a zero increase in revenue from Parks and Rec for 2019. So why are we being asked to pay a $400% increase when zero increase was already voted on and approved?

Perhaps someone is losing site of the fact that the rec center is not a private club. Rather, it’s a taxpayer supported facility that supports health and wellness for all in our community.

If Ridgefield truly prides itself on being the kind of town that promotes aging in place, then this is not helping that cause.

Please do the right thing and reevaluate this outrageous increase.

Carol Giustino

Ridgefield, Dec. 23