Letter: What is a neighborhood?

To the Editor:

What criteria does one use to choose a house? There are many factors — size, style, price, property and what type of neighborhood it is in. Ridgefield has many distinct neighborhoods.

The key to all of them is the fact that they contain neighbors — others that buy a house to make a home and to stay there.

Neighbors are not rehab center patients that get admitted and discharged. Neighbors don’t come to play a hockey game or bowl and have a drink and then leave. A Little League field is not a neighbor – nor are the teams on that field. Guests of a bed and breakfast are not neighbors.

Let’s not forget about our fellow residents and let their neighborhoods be dismantled or they may forget about yours when the Planning & Zoning regulations turn on you. Perhaps now is the time to fix our regulations and protect our neighborhoods. It’s time for the residents of Ridgefield to get involved in shaping the future of our beloved town, our home.

Jeff Hansen

Old South Salem Road, July 18