Letter: What does a ‘means test’ look like?

To the Editor:

Regarding the article about selectmen leaning towards a means test, I support the OWLS in their pursuit of tax benefits for seniors.  

The issue of a ‘means test’ was not clarified in the news article. What actually does a ‘means test’ mean? Is it based on income, retirement benefits and savings? There are also living expenses such as debt, cost of health insurance, help to family members, etc. — all of which vary across individuals or couples.  

To assess means, income needs to be balanced by a ratio that includes all other financial responsibilities, i.e., a financial profile. Who is going to create a comprehensive financial profile for each senior in order to fairly determine means?

Lastly, I wonder why, (in another article), a commercial property like The Gym pays only $1,725.84 in taxes per year.

Sunnie Colen

Sunset Lane, Oct. 19