Letter: What did Trump and Putin discuss?

To the Editor:

How do you repay a debt? At the G20 Summit in Germany this month, President Donald Trump had a private, undisclosed conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin, reported for over an hour without an American translator present who spoke Russian.  

When asked about this startling meeting, Trump twittered “Fake News story of secret dinner with Putin is ‘sick.’”  

Did they discuss foreign policy, election hacking, or possibly Trump and family debts owed for building projects in Russia and elsewhere.  

We will probably never know.  

History tells us that debts are always repaid, in one way or another.

In September of 1937 the Italian Duce visited the German Fuhrer, the two dictators side-by-side in conversations never reported.  

The Duce was charmed by the Fuhrer, and afterward the Fuhrer proclaimed that “in common there has today arisen not merely a community of views, but also a community of action.”  

The Duce was so overwhelmed by the Fuhrer that he later signed the Anti-Comintern Pact to form the Axis with Germany and Japan, and also gave the Fuhrer approval for the invasion and annexation of Austria.  

The Fuhrer so delighted he promised “I will never forget, whatever may happen, any help or any danger, I shall stick to him, even if the whole world were against him.”  

As history has shown these debts were repaid many times, but this community of views and actions lead to the destruction of all three nations.  

Our American President wants to be our American Fuhrer, but his actions appear that he has become our American Duce. Or more likely, our America Dupe.

PA Torzilli

Old Sib Road, July 24