Letter: What about the local taxpayer?

To the Editor:

In the most recent debate about the size of the Board of Education budget, I hear no serious consideration for the local taxpayer.

We especially need thoughtful consideration for our senior citizen taxpayers!

Remember, many taxpayers are being financially crushed by the recent GOP federal tax scheme, so now we really deserve a break from higher local taxes.

If we desire an extra writing or art class, why can’t the money be raised outside of the proposed school budget? If outdated regulations prohibit private donations to public schools, then change those regulations.

Also, please note, we taxpayers fund a portion of a new and wonderful library here in Ridgefield, and an outstanding Recreation Center.

There is the famed Aldrich Museum and the beautiful Prospector Theater. Weir Farm, a national park, is conveniently located in our hometown — along with a Boys & Girls Club.

Many progressive educational organizations and opportunities exist here in Ridgefield and I strongly suggest that our public school leaders collaborate with all these entities.

Collaborate to save money and collaborate to create outstanding students.

Rich Fasanelli

Gay Road, Feb. 18