Letter: What about fracking?

To the Editor:
In all the quibbling, official and non-official, about jurisdiction and protection of Ridgefield’s aquifers, an extremely relevant town ordinance has been virtually ignored.
A town meeting several months ago voted overwhelmingly to ban the use of fracking mining waste in Ridgefield, ostensibly to prevent the harm seepage of such materials could do to sub-soil water supply. Asphalt and other road paving materials must be certified as completely free of fracking waste, the ordinance states.
Now as the Town of Ridgefield and many property-owners are about to launch paving projects (Casagmo, for example, is undertaking a million dollar job on its lots and roads) the question is who, how, when and at what cost the anti-fracking ordinance will be enforced? Or even if it will be.
Here’s another nagging question. How did the town’s leading apartment builder, Steve Zemo. already ethically challenged as a selectman, wrangle an appointment to the town’s Commission on Affordable Housing? It’s like one-stop shopping.
What happened to the new code of ethics and its administrative board authorized in the town charter revisions approved last November? Just asking!
Why are there always more questions than there are answers?
Ed Chrostowski
Carpenter Close, June 13