Letter: We all make mistakes

To the Editor:

You voted for him. OK. We all make mistakes. No shame there.

You knew he was a blowhard and a misogynist, but you believed that he was a businessman, and would know how to get things done. You thought he could use his business skills and bombast to negotiate treaties, shore up the border, fix health care, lower taxes, get our weak-kneed allies in line. Now you realize that he couldn’t run a lemonade stand unless he took it through Chapter 11. Now you puzzle over his inexplicable affinity for neo-Nazis and white nationalists. Now you find the only thing he can do competently is hit the send button. Now it dawns on you that his only true talent is in making every crisis worse.

He still drives the liberals crazy. You like that, but it’s not enough. He’s starting to scare you. You don’t want a nuclear war in Asia. You don’t want a race war in America. You keep hoping that he will settle down, grow into the role, mature a little. But deep down you know he won’t. He is what he is. And all those things you hoped for when you pulled the lever last November? You know now that you’re not going to get any of them, at least not while he’s president.

You remember him claiming that he couldn’t lose your support even if he stood in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shot people. Now, after witnessing nine months of the governance equivalent of him doing just that, you’re finally starting to wonder just what exact benefit you are getting out of continuing to stick by him.

Francis Flaherty

North Street, Oct. 22