Letter: Walkout is waste of public facilities, police personnel

To the Editor:

The following was written as a letter to First Selectman Rudy Marconi and submitted to The Press as a letter to the editor.

I can only respond to the April 20th planned walkout at Ridgefield High School with a stern and determined objection.

When the town allows public facilities and police assets for the use by political organizations who demand changes in laws, you are approving of their actions, wasting police assets and using taxpayer funded facilities and personnel for private issues.  

I can not stress my concerns any stronger and suggest that legal action may be the next step to end this abuse.

Should you continue to approve of this abuse of public funds, I ask that you set aside public facilities and necessary police personnel for the use by pro life and anti-abortion demonstrators in the future.

John McNicholas

Ridgefield, April 14