Letter: Voters want state roads, bridges to improve

To the Editor:

It is amusing that some continue to argue that tolls should be called taxes. The voters have spoken. They don’t care about nomenclature. Voters signaled they want Connecticut’s roads and bridges improved, and that they are willing to pay user-fees to support delivery of critical infrastructure improvements and congestion reduction programs.

Connecticut is the only state between Maine and Florida that does not charge tolls. Almost 30% of cars and trucks on CT’s major highways are from other states, contributing little to nothing to use our highways. Last year, CT drivers paid over $6 million to Massachusetts for using its roads, while Mass. drivers paid $0 to Connecticut for the use of its roads. Out-of-state drivers would contribute as much of 40% of the new revenue. CT drivers who register for a CT-issued EZ pass would qualify for up to a 50% discount, according to the current DOT proposal.

Temi Bova

Danbury Road, Nov. 18